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Our popular Triumphal Arch model is meticulously built by hand in our atelier. This piece is a colorful reimagining of the souvenirs collected by travelers embarking on the Grand Tour in centuries past, with an eye to the classical proportions of the great triumphal arches in cities like Paris, Bucharest and Rome. The triumphal arch as an arhitectural form is thought to have originated in ancient Rome, where arches were erected to commemorate  important victories or significant cultural events. We like to think that our tiumphal arch models, continue that tradition as a joyous, celebratory form. 


Triumphal Arch models are sold individually and can be clad in the paper pattern of your choice. Commissions for arches in bespoke paper patterns are welcome and we invite you to contact us for details.

Triumphal Arch

  • Our papers are categorized into Group One, Group Two, and Hand-Marbled Papers. To place your order, simply select your paper category and then type in the name of your material selection(s) for each item ordered.

    Please visit the Paper Pattern Gallery to see our most current pattern offerings. 

  • 9" tall, 8 1/4" wide, 3 1/4" deep

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