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Parvum Opus studio view

Traditional Craft & a Modern Sensibility

Our creative process begins with study, imagination, pencils and paper: here in the studio, everything is designed and built by hand, one piece at a time.


Following in the footsteps of generations of artisans before us, Parvum Opus celebrates the tools, intense focus and time investment required by traditional craft practices. From the smallest picture frame to the most complex wax seal box, each piece that comes from our atelier is a blending of Erika's unique artistic sensibility, the most exquisite materials available, and a devotion to superb craftsmanship.


We proudly provide a unique opportunity for our clients across the country and abroad to bring bespoke functional or decorative objects into their homes. It’s a great pleasure to collaborate on such special projects, and our goal is to make each one heirloom-worthy.

The artist at work in the Parvum Opus studio
Sketchbooks in the Parvum Opus studio
Hand tools in the Parvum Opus studio
A view of the Parvum Opus studio
Paper Marbling Video

The Art of Marbled Paper


Hand-marbling paper is a traditional craft practiced for nearly a thousand years (click here to see a wonderful old film about how it's made). We’re proud to collaborate with two modern masters, Jemma Lewis in England and Renato Crepaldi in Brazil to create bespoke papers especially for us.

We share the lovely images you see here with thanks to Jemma & Renato.



An intaglio shadow box by Parvum Opus
Patterned trays, handmade by Parvum Opus
A blocky plinth by Parvum Opus

Collaborate with us.





Choose from 100’s of options to craft exactly the right piece. Our studio is stocked with a wide range of glorious paper patterns made around the world and we’re delighted to bring these to you as options in our shop. When you’re considering pattern selections for your pieces, remember we can always use one or more patterns to produce something exactly to your taste and specifications.

We often source papers for our clients' special projects-- from classic Italian patterns to  hand-marbled papers in bespoke colors and patterns, the sky’s the limit. The additional fee for a project involving a custom paper is simply the total cost of the necessary sheets plus shipping to the bindery, and adds one to five weeks to our normal production time, depending on the paper origin. 



We cheerfully consider requests for projects in completely custom configurations. There are limitations based on the dimensions of our raw materials and bindery equipment, but we're of course happy to discuss your project details with you. Request a project of your own design here.

Remember, if you’d prefer to let us make all the selections, we always have pieces available for immediate shipping in the Artist’s Cabinet. These are pieces often made with one-off marbled papers or limited-edition patterns. 

Collaborate With Us
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