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Beautiful materials from around the world


Parvum Opus proudly features an array of exquisite archival papers, chosen for their vivid colors, patterns and excellent quality. We're especially delighted to offer exquisite hand-marbled papers created expressly for us in England, Brazil and the United States.


We'll be adding new papers throughout the year, and as always, we're happy to source alternative papers to suit your design requirements.  If you'd like assistance with finding the perfect pattern, please contact the studio for advice or to arrange a special order.

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Hand-Marbled Papers, Group 3


We've commissioned a collection of stunning hand marbled papers made just for us by master artisans Renato Crepaldi in Brazil, Jemma Lewis in England, and Emily Romero in the United States. These papers are of exceptional quality,  made one sheet at a time in the centuries-old tradition.


Have you ever wondered how marbled papers are made?

Have a look at this wonderful old film to learn more about is fascinating art form. 

Japanese Papers and Printed Marbles, Group 2
Group Two consist of vivid Japanese silkscreened papers and printed marbled designs by Jemma Lewis, printed in England. 

Italian Prints, Group 1

Classic Italian patterned papers are beautifully well-suited for a wide variety projects.
They're wonderful on their own or as companion patterns 
to our marbled papers. 

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