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The Wax Seal Stamp Box has been designed and created in our Michigan atelier. This new design is a two-part wooden box of quadrate form, built in-house, of course, which has been painstakingly encrusted with wax seal impressions from Erika Stefanutti's collection of antique fobs and desk seals.


If you're unfamiliar with how wax seal impressions are made, this is a slow process where a small puddle of a specially-formulated wax is dripped onto the box surface, and then the seal matrix is pressed into the wax until it hardens, leaving an intricate impression. Each impression takes several minutes to create, and no two are alike. The top and sides of the stamp box have been covered in an artistically composed collage of impressions, and a thin layer of protective paint and varnish has been added to increase durability and prolong the life of the piece. NB: as this piece is crafted with sealing wax, it should be protected from direct sunlight and other heat sources. 


Inside the stamp box you'll find an interior beautifully lined with hand-marbled paper, and English brass bun feet elevate the base. It's quite a special little thing, about 4 inches square, and its scale makes it handy for more than just postage stamps: this would be a handsome home for keys, or other daily necessities, and with the addition of an optional velvet pad, it's ideal for a favorite piece of jewelry or watch. 


Stamp boxes are available to order in deep Prussian blue (as seen here), racing green or claret red.


When placing your order, please select one of the three wax colors, as well as a paper pattern for the box lining. If you have no lining preference, simply write in 'choose for me' and we'll gladly select a coordinating hand-marbled pattern for you. Padded velvet interiors in a coordinating color are also available-- please note that these attached to the box interior and are not removable.

Wax Seal Stamp Box

    • Exterior dimensions: 4-1/4" square, 2-1/2" tall
    • Interior tray dimensions: 3-3/4" square, 1-1/2" deep
    • English brass bun feet
    • Protect from strong sunlight and extreme heat
    • An optional hand-sewn padded velvet interior for jewelry is available
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