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We're delighted to introduce our new cubic plinths, available in 3" and 4" versions. Their classic design easily adapts to modern or traditional settings, providing the perfect tabletop stage for artworks and collectibles. Our plinths have been crafted using meticulously cut cubes of solid poplar wood and solid brass English bun feet, so they are suitable for use with even heavy sculptures or mineral or fossil specimens. 

Cubic Plinths in 2 Sizes

  • Our papers are categorized into Group One, Group Two, and Hand-Marbled Papers. To place your order, simply select your paper category and then type in the name of your paper selection(s) for each item ordered. Please visit the Paper Pattern Gallery to see our most current pattern offerings.

  • Small Plinth Dimensions

    • 3" wide, 3" deep, 3-1/2" tall including brass bun feet


    Large Plinth Dimensions

    • 4" wide, 4" deep, 4-1/2" tall including brass bun feet
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