It's a pleasure to introduce this correspondence card set, the first of many more to come. We've had countless requests over the years to translate our original watercolor calendar illustrations into stationery, and as the pandemic prevented us from producing a calendar this year, it seemed like the perfect time to take on this new endeavor. After all, connecting with friends and family through hand-written notes is more welcome than ever.


This handsome custom-designed folio includes 10 luxuriously double-thick 100% cotton correspondence cards with fine envelopes lined in midnight blue. Each card is topped with a jewel-like motif from our library of original watercolor illustrations by Erika Stefanutti, and this first series features paintings of five of our favorite treasures from decorative arts history: 


  1. A George III oval papier-mâché tea caddy by Henry Clay, decorated overall with a scene of a pastoral idyll, England
  2. A 19th century Mediterranean coral specimen, mounted on an 18th century gold-painted wooden base, Italy
  3. A circa 1700 Tan Chi lidded container, China
  4. A gilt-mounted turbo shell drinking cup, presented to Piet Hein by the Dutch West India Company in 1649, in recognition of his capture of a fleet of Spanish ships.​​​​​
  5. A circa 1840 papier-mâché tea Caddy in the form of a melon in black and gold lacquer, China


Series Nº 1  includes two cards in each design. With our ever-expanding library of original illustrations, we look forward to adding to the collection later this year.

Correspondence Card Folio, Series Nº1

    • 10 double-thick fine cotton notecards, 5x7" each
    • Luxe lined envelopes 
    • Folio: 5-1/2" wide, 7-1/2" tall, 7/8" thick, closed dimensions
    • Designed and produced in the United States


Meticulously handmade in Birmingham, Michigan, USA

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