Correspondence card folios are on sale through Christmas-- Happy Holidays!


We're delighted to offer our Correpondence Card Folios, and this is Series Nº1, the original of three now available.


Our handsome custom-designed folio includes 10 luxuriously double-thick 100% cotton correspondence cards in one pocket, with fine envelopes lined in midnight blue in the other. Each card is topped with a jewel-like motif from our library of original watercolor illustrations by Erika Stefanutti, and this first series features paintings of five of our favorite treasures from decorative arts history: 


  1. A George III oval papier-mâché tea caddy by Henry Clay, decorated overall with a scene of a pastoral idyll, England
  2. A 19th century Mediterranean coral specimen, mounted on an 18th century gold-painted wooden base, Italy
  3. A circa 1700 Tan Chi lidded container, China
  4. A gilt-mounted turbo shell drinking cup, presented to Piet Hein by the Dutch West India Company in 1649, in recognition of his capture of a fleet of Spanish ships.​​​​​
  5. A circa 1840 papier-mâché tea Caddy in the form of a melon in black and gold lacquer, China


Series Nº 1  includes two cards in each design. 

Correspondence Card Folio, Series Nº1

$60.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
    • 10 double-thick fine cotton notecards, 5x7" each
    • Luxe lined envelopes 
    • Folio: 5-1/2" wide, 7-1/2" tall, 7/8" thick, closed dimensions
    • Designed and produced in the United States