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We have the privilege of collaborating with customers who express their thanks in email, beautifully handwritten notes, or even by reordering the very day on which their initial package arrives. We are grateful to be acknowledged so warmly-- thank you!

"On a scale of one to ten, the experience of working with Parvum Opus and Erika was an 11. Every aspect of our interaction was a delight. Written communication was prompt, professional, clear, and kind. My bespoke job was turned around quickly and with such skill, beauty, and attention to detail. My order was packed so carefully, and perfectly. A+ from start to finish - thank you a million times over! I cannot wait to collaborate again!" - Massachusetts 

"My desk pad arrived quickly and is simply beautiful! It was packaged and presented with such care that it felt like I was opening a very precious piece of art, and I was. I love the craftsmanship." - New Hampshire

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"The craftsmanship and artistry of each item I ordered is sheer perfection. I adore every piece I purchased so much so that I couldn't bear to have the entire set at work and am slowly splitting the pieces up and adding to my collection so that I have added beauty to my work and home office space." - California

"Your work is beautifully and meticulously done... I will use you again as a source for truly lovely gifts that can only be a delight to receive. Thank you." - New York

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"Parvum Opus was a serendipitous find for me, and it was a joy to work with Erika in designing precisely what I needed. The gift box, in the green vines pattern and in dimensions that were tailored to my requisites, is simply gorgeous. The craftsmanship, the handiwork, is beautiful. I found myself staring at the little box for several days before it was time to give it to its intended recipient, who was as enchanted by it as I was. It makes a wonderful gift, and I am now compiling a list of other friends, who would be delighted to receive such an opus. I'll be back to order more." - California

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