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Parvum Opus was conceived as a studio for creating objects that exist at the confluence of art, craft and design, and this series of works is a vibrant expression of that pursuit. This collection is inspired by the intricately inlaid specimen marble souvenirs of the Grand Tour era, when lucky, curious minds ventured out into the world in search of art, culture and enlightenment. The treasured pieces they brought home were not only happy reminders of their experiences, but also objects that would inspire a lifetime of contemplation and study. We aspire to create pieces that will similarly bring a spark of creativity and curiosity into your home.


Similar in proportion to our valet trays, our Specimen Tray Nº 1, with a pebble mosaic pattern on cream marbled base paper is handcrafted using fine architectural modeler's wood. Each tray is unique, with artistically composed patterns of meticulously hand-cut specimens of marbled paper from at least three continents arranged on a backdrop of fine Italian Vein patterned paper created especially for this project by master marbler, Renato Crepaldi. They feature charming brass ball feet, and to extend their functional possibilities, we've had each one fitted with a heavy protective plexiglass liner. 



Specimen Tray Nº 1, Pebble Mosaic on Cream

    • 8-1/4" long, 4-1/2" wide, 1-3/4" deep, exterior dimensions
    • 7-3/4" long, 4" wide, 3/4" deep, interior dimensions
    • 1/2" diameter solid brass ball feet
    • removable 1/8" thick plexiglass liner
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