It's a pleasure to introduce a very special limited collection of wax seal obelisks. Parvum Opus was conceived as a studio for creating objects that exist at the confluence of art, craft and design, and it's a delight to offer this new group of unique objects in that vein. Only six obelisks have been made in this style, a pair each with red, blue and yellow wax seals. Each is priced individually.


These pieces begin with obelisks that have been meticulously designed and constructed by hand in our studio and clad in classic Italian 'peacock' hand-marbled paper by Flavio Aquilina. Each one has then been studded on all four faces with wax seal impressions, forty-four seals in all. Our seals are made in the traditonal, painstaking way, by carefully burning fine Scottish and French sealing waxes and impressing the seal into the molten wax. The impressions are taken from our extensive collection of exquisite carnelian fobs and metal desk seals, which range in age from ancient Roman and Persian carvings to modern masterpieces of the gem engraving art. 


Our colorful obelisks are inspired by seal-encrusted 18th & 19th century objets d'art, which are understandably quite rare. Carved stone seals were first used in ancient Mesopotamia, and have been used to mark both property and correspondence across the ages. The wax seal impressions from these gems, like their plaster intaglio cousins, have long been prized by collectors, and we find them endlessly romantic and inspiring. We hope our modern interpretations will in turn spark curiosity and inspiration, becoming heirlooms in their own right.


Nota Bene: these are extremely delicate, fragile  works. Traditional sealing wax is designed to be brittle and crack easily, so these pieces should be handled as little as possible, and only with great care. They should also be kept away from direct heat and bright sunlight, of course. 



Wax Seal Obelisk in Blue

    • 14" tall
    • 2.75" square at the base


Meticulously handmade in Birmingham, Michigan, USA

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