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After nearly two years of study and development, it's a great pleasure to introduce the first Parvum Opus collection of wax seal encrusted objects of vertu.

Our works are inspired by antique objects created in England and elsewhere that were encrusted with wax seal impressions beginning early the 19th century. Such objects are prized by collectors, and are understandably quite rare. With this collection, crafted in much the same manner as the older works, we celebrate that decorative art tradition, but our interpretations are decidedly modern in form and color. 


The fobs and desk seals used to create this collection are endlessly fascinating. Seals and related property markings have been used across the globe since Sumerian times, and are cousins to the plaster intaglio casts we use elsewhere in our collection. Antique fobs and desk seals are often beautiful examples of the engraving art, and are wonderfully romantic objects: just imagine the letters that would have been exchanged all those years ago, each carefully marked by the seal of its author...lovely! It will come as no surprise that even single antique wax seal impressions clinging to scraps of paper are cherished collectables as well.


Wax Seal Box Nº 1 is the smallest of our hexagonal wooden box variations, and has been completely encrusted in pistachio green wax seal impressions by Erika Stefanutti using over fifty beautifully engraved fobs and desk seals collected over many years. The seals range in age from Roman antiquity to carnelian seals carved by modern masters of the gem carving art, and feature images that include portraits of authors and philosophers, animals and heraldic crests. Some carry unique monograms, rebus puzzle messages, or charming messages, like 'I envy my letter', or 'forget me not'.


The impressions are made one at a time, by puddling a small amount of molten sealing wax onto the box surface and pressing the seal into the wax as it cools. Each impression is unique, with it's own peculiarities and shape. Once the entire surface is covered in its artistically composed collage of impressions, a thin layer of protective paint and varnish is added to increase durability and prolong the life of the piece. The interior and bottom of the box is lined in beautiful hand-marbled paper to match the color of the wax, and the piece is presented in a handmade and exuberantly beribboned box.


Because of the extremely time-intensive nature of their manufacure, only a few of these numbered and signed pieces will be produced each year. 



Wax Seal Box Nº 1, Pistachio

    • Limited edition, numbered and signed
    • Wax-seal encrusted wooden box with 1/2" solid brass ball feet
    • Exterior dimensions: 6-1/4" point to point and 2" tall
    • Interior dimensions: 5-1/4" point to point and 1-1/4" total interior height
    • Presented in a handmade Italian book cloth box with Petersham ribbon ties
    • Please handle these delicate objects with care and protect from direct sunlight, heat or flame


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