It's with great pleasure that we introduce our new oval shadow boxes. After a long process of developing and perfecting the design, it's a joy to finally share these new works. Our largest shadow boxes yet, these were inspired by a pair of antique 'bubble glass' frames in Erika's personal collection. Each of these fresh and colorful interpretations is unique, with bepoke domed glass enclosing a collection of Italian plaster intaglios in two colors.


Our graceful oval frames are exactingly crafted in our Michigan studio one at a time using architectural modeler's wood and exquisite hand-marbled papers. The frame opening is finished with a jeweler’s brass bezel and the reverse, with it's beautiful contrasting paper pattern, includes ingenious inset hanging hardware to allow the piece to hang perfectly flush on your wall or bookcase.


This particular piece is dressed in amethyst hand-marbled paper by Renato Crepaldi, and has been fitted with an array of white and black plaster intaglios. Our hand-cast intaglios are crafted expressly for us in Italy, and the 'black basalt' color used here is based on coveted antique examples made in the 18th and 19th centuries. As always, we've taken great care to wrap each of our intaglios in gilt paper bezels to match the shadow box exterior.


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Oval Intaglio Shadow Box in Amethyst

    • Wood, fine papers, bepoke domed glass, Italian plaster intaglios, jeweler's brass
    • Inset brass hanging hardware
    • 8-3/4" tall, 6-3/4" wide, 1" deep, exterior dimensions