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In ancient Egypt, obelisks were associated with the sun god Ra, and the obelisk form was created to represent a petrified ray of the sun. Herodotus was among the first to describe these forms, coining the term obelisk from the Greek obelus, or 'pointed pillar'. Obelisks continue to fascinate, and small-scale models crafted in a wide range of materials are prized by collectors across the globe. Our desk-scaled models pay homage to this tradition, and we hope they'll in turn spark curiosity for generations to come.


For this pair of obelisks, we've chosen a vivid cobalt blue reminiscent of Moroccan architecture and of course, French painter Yves Klein. Each obelisk has been meticulously designed and crafted in our Michigan studio from archival book boards. After multiple coats of gesso, the obelisks are sanded and painted in a proprietary shade of cobalt blue. The finished pieces have a textural quality, with brushstrokes and hints of gesso showing through the surface, enhancing the color's luminosity.


Obelisks are sold individually. Sold out? We invite you to contact the studio to commission a similar piece. 

Obelisk Nº3, Cobalt

Out of Stock
  • 14" tall, 2¾" wide at the base

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