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Our elongated shadow box frames are perfect for displaying a row of small treasures, and are finely crafted in the bindery in your choice of paper patterns. Please visit the Paper Pattern Gallery to see all our most current inventory of beautiful options.


Each frame comprises a shallow tray base section with two small hanging rings, and a lift-off lid lined with crystal-clear architectural model plastic. We’re pleased to offer these empty, so you can display your own collections, or complete with an array of plaster intaglios or wax seals. Our hand-cast intaglios are crafted expressly for us in Italy in either black or white plaster. Since each intaglio is unique, please allow us to compose a grouping on your behalf. The wax seal impressions are made in our studio, using traditional Scottish banker's wax and our collection of antique fobs and desk seals. Again, each one is unique, so please allow us to create a pleasing composition for you. When placing your order, please enter one paper selection for each shadowbox ordered. 

Elongated Shadow Box

  • Our papers are categorized into Group One, Group Two, and Hand-Marbled Papers. To place your order, simply select your paper category and then type in the name of your material selection(s) for each item ordered. 

    Please visit the Paper Pattern Gallery to see our most current pattern offerings.


    • 10-3/4" wide, 3-5/8" tall, 1-1/8" deep, exterior dimensions
    • 10" wide, 3" tall, 3/4" deep, interior dimensions
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