Our rectangular desk pads provide the perfect spot to write a letter or park your laptop, protecting both the laptop and your desk from scratches. Each desk pad is carefully crafted using fine paper framed and backed in Italian book cloth. Custom sizes and papers are available: we invite you to contact us at the bindery for more information. When ordering, please enter the name of one paper pattern and one book cloth color from the selections shown.


Desk Pads in 2 Sizes

  • Our papers are categorized into Group One and Group Two. To place your order, simply select your paper category and then type in the name of your paper and book cloth selections for each item ordered.

    Please visit the Paper Pattrn Gallery to see our most current pattern offerings.

  • Small: 11½" x 15½" x ¼"      

    Large: 13" x 19" x ¼"