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It’s our great pleasure to offer an array of convex mirror variations, including Convex Mirror Nº10, a diamond-shaped variation. We like to think of Parvum Opus as a producer of objects that exist at the confluence of art, craft and design, and this collection embodies that notion beautifully. Our mirrors are conceived in homage to two great artistic inspirations, the English architect Sir John Soane, and French craft artist, Line Vautrin. Each one is unique, and will bring color, pattern and a wink of light to any room.


Every mirror frame begins with silver convex glass, handmade to our specifications by a wonderful glass artist in Italy who specializes in Venetian glass. This piece's elegant stepped and diamond-shaped wooden frame has been exactingly crafted and clad in a cool yellow hand-marbled paper by Emily Romero. The frame features a solid brass hanging loop, and as always, we've finished the mirror edges with fine jeweler’s brass bezels.



Convex Mirror Nº10, Diamond in Yellow

    • 9-7/8"" wide, 10-7/8" tall, including hanging loop, 1-1/4" deep
    • 3-1/2" convex mirror glass diameter
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