It’s a great pleasure to introduce our new collection of convex mirrors. We like to think of Parvum Opus as a producer of objects that exist at the confluence of art, craft and design, and this new collection embodies that notion beautifully. Our mirrors were conceived in homage to two great artistic inspirations, the English architect Sir John Soane, and French craft artist, Line Vautrin. Each one is unique, and will bring color, pattern and a wink of light to any room.


Every mirror begins with convex glass in either silver or blue, handmade to our specifications by a wonderful glass artist specializing in Venetian mirrors. The geometric frames are exactingly crafted one at a time by Erika Stefanutti using exquisite hand-marbled papers. The mirror edges are finished with jeweler’s brass bezels and the frame backs include ingenious inset hanging hardware to allow the piece to hang perfectly flush on your wall or bookcase.


This compass star design features silver mirror glass and hand-marbled paper by Payhembury Papers in a speckled pattern of black and cream, with swirls of green, yellow and red. Sold out? Contact us to commission a similar piece.


Convex Mirror Nº 6, Gray Speckle

    • 14" point to point
    • 1" deep
    • 4" glass diameter


Meticulously handmade in Birmingham, Michigan, USA

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