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Beautiful materials from around the world


Parvum Opus proudly features an array of exquisite archival papers, chosen for their vivid colors, patterns and excellent quality. We're especially delighted to introduce a range of limited edition hand-marbled papers created expressly for us in England and Brazil. As always, we're happy to source alternative papers to suit your design requirements: links to our favorite suppliers are at the bottom of this page.


Group One papers include beautiful Italian prints in a wide array of colors and patterns. Click any pin board below to view the names of each paper option.


Group Two papers include stylish geometric designs by Pentreath & Hall in England, vintage map papers and a wide array of French marbled papers. Click any pin board below to view the names of each paper option.



We've commissioned a collection of stunning hand marbled papers made just for us by master artisans Renato Crepaldi in Brazil and Jemma Lewis in England. These papers are of exceptional quality, made one sheet at a time in the centuries-old tradition.

Watch how these fine papers are made by clicking here.

Browse Custom Paper Selections


Are you looking for a particular color or pattern? Click below to visit our favorite source, Hollander's. They currently offer a huge variety of fine papers, all available for special order with us. You can also contact us here to discuss your custom project using these papers.

Custom Paper Selections
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