A 24" tall bespoke obelisk, made with hand-marbled paper by Jemma Lewis just for this project. It's shown in the 

fitted navy book cloth presentation box we made to go along with the obelisk. 

A bespoke obelisk made with hand-marbled paper with bezel-set plaster intaglios on the four faces of the base. 

A bespoke three-panel desk pad made with Il Papiro's stunning blue peacock hand-marbled paper and pewter Italian book cloth. The left panel features a vertical pocket. 

A generously scaled catchall, perfect for sorting the day's mail, with arc tops and double-thick walls. This one features a beautiful Italian medallion-patterned paper.

Above, hexagonal waste paper basket made with Colombian marbled paper on the exterior, and lined in Italian fleurs de lys paper.

A bespoke double-sided partners' desk organizer, made to order in our studio using gray peacock marbled paper. This beautiful paper is still handmade one sheet at a time in Italy by the venerable paper maker, Il Papiro. 

A paper tray in-box made with Il Papiro's beautiful hand marbled paper in the brown peacock pattern.

Above left, a pair of obelisk stacking boxes, in alternating marbled papers. Above right, a bespoke paper tray in-box, made with a striking gold Japanese Chiyogami paper.

An array of miniature obelisks, handmade in marbled papers from Italy, Colombia, Brazil and the US. 

An octagonal tray made with Rossi's classic turquoise Florentine paper.

A pair of hexagonal lidded boxes, handmade with moss green agate hand-marbled paper. This design features a bezel-set plaster intaglios on each lid. These new designs are available to order in a myriad of paper patterns.

A new planter box letter sorter, in pink peacock marbled and red fleurs de lys paper, both beautifully made in Italy.

A pair of hexagonal pencil cups flanking our new garden folly box. This set was made with blue floral paper from Italy and French marbled paper.

New in our collection: A stacked pair of stationery boxes, made for 8 1/2 x 11" stationery and papers. At the top, the shallow box is made with a hand-blocked Italian paper by Flavio Aquilina. The bottom box is made with another Italian paper, this one a hand-marbled design by Il Papiro. Both are available by special order, of course.

A large open design desk blotter, mouse pad, lidded pencil tray, paper tray and pencils, all made with Rossi's classic green vine patterned Italian paper and olive book cloth.

A desk set in classic red Florentine paper and navy book cloth. This one includes a blotter, lidded paper tray, stacking pencil trays, mouse pad, notepad folios and a glass dome paperweight.

Above, a wave edge waste paper basket in green peacock hand-marbled paper by Il Papiro on the exterior, and a blue palmette paper interior. Coming to the shop soon, but available by special order now.

A bespoke archival storage box, made with Japanese Chiyogami paper in a stunning scrollwork pattern. 

A planter box waste paper basket made with green vines paper interior, with green French marbled paper panels on the exterior. Coming soon to the shop, but available by special order now.

Above, a  bespoke archival nesting box set, clad in Il Papiro's handmade brown peacock marbled paper.

A grande French curve letter sorter made to order with a beautiful navy and white dotted Japanese Chiyogami paper. 

A letter sorter in custom dimensions, made with French hand marbled paper in a beautiful shade of blue.

A desk blotter, paper tray and pencil cup all made using violet hand-marbled paper and pewter Italian book cloth.

A selection of our exclusively designed and refillable journal covers, made to fit the ever-popular Moleskine® cahiers. This array has been made with a stunning variety of hand marbled papers from the US, France, Colombia, and Il Papiro in Italy.

A 9 x 12" ribbon-tied portfolio made with a stunning hand-blocked Italian paper: perfect for presenting an original painting like this one from one of our desk calendars.

Above, one of our obelisk stacking box sets, this time in Il Papiro blue peacock marbled paper. At right, our new planter box pencil cups in varied papers and designs. We now offer coordinating paper-wrapped golf pencils as well as our full length pencils: both are lovely with these little pencil cups. 

A petite letter sorter, pencil cup and note tray, made with Cavallini's vintage world map paper. In this case, we left off the brass feet as per our client's request. We're always happy to customize designs for any piece we make.

A wave edge tray made with a one-of-a-kind paper in metallic pigments.

A desk set made with the beautiful Japanese Chiyogami wave design paper paired with French blue book cloth.

A desk set including a mouse pad, sticky note folio, pencil tray, and paperweight, all made with Rossi's beautiful peacock feather patterned paper. The hinged desk blotter, also shown, features a navy book cloth exterior and is lined to match in the in peacock pattern.

A set of petite stacking trays made in three custom papers in shades of

yellow. For this set we also swapped the ribbon for a brass ball handle at the top.

One of our new tissue box covers, clad in a hand-marbled Italian paper, now in-stock.

   recent projects

Below are just some of the recent projects completed at the bindery. Do you see something you like on this page? Contact us to discuss your own bespoke projects.