​We are pleased to introduce our collection of obelisks, our interpretation and celebration of the classical monuments found throughout decorative arts history. They range in height from under 7" for our miniature obelisks, to over 22" for the tallest pieces. Each one is completely constructed by hand from precisely cut archival bookbinder's boards and jacketed in the finest papers from around the world. Our obelisk stacking boxes feature five separate boxes which fit together to form a gently tapered obelisk, and are a charming way to stash small desk items or jewelry.   

Along with our customary bespoke ordering option in the shop, we're making some of our obelisks available for immediate delivery, and will keep an evolving and varied selection on hand for purchase on the shop's 'Ready to Ship' page. If you'd like to have a set of obelisks made to your own specifications, contact us and we'll be delighted to design something especially for you. 

   decorative OBELISKS & obelisk stacking box sets