about The bindery

We're honored that our work has been featured in
Elle Decor, House Beautiful and House & Garden UK.

Parvum Opus is a studio bindery offering products and services including:

  • Bespoke handmade desk furnishings and decorative accessories
  • Hand-bound books
  • Custom slipcases and portfolios
  • Archival storage boxes and files for museums, galleries and collectors
  • Fabrication services for interior designers and architects

Thank you for popping into our bindery-- I warmly welcome you. I'm Erika Stefanutti and I founded Parvum Opus after working as a studio artist, having trained as a painter, printmaker and metalsmith at the University of Michigan where I earned my BFA, and then further at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where I completed my MFA. My extraordinary experiences there laid the foundation for my lifelong passion for craft tradition and practice.

A few years ago, I embarked on a study of traditional bookbinding and decorative arts history, and began producing bespoke calendars, hand-bound books, desk accessories and art objects for friends and family from my studio in Michigan. It's been a wonderful evolution, and now I have the great privilege of sharing our studio's handmade products with gracious clients across the world. The work we do on the bindery combines a love of books, craft and design tradition, materials and process. The wonderfully cluttered desk in my study is one of my favorite and inspiring places to work, and it's my pleasure to provide objects that can help your desk and home be just as special for you.

Parvum Opus, a Latin term for a diminutive work of art, perfectly describes the way we approach each project undertaken at the bindery: small things, beautifully done. We believe that when attentively designed and crafted, even the most simple household object has the power to improve our daily experience. Everything we do here is rooted in a deep respect for craft tradition and materials, and the exquisite papers and book cloth we use are a joy to work with, providing endless inspiration. 

William Morris, father of the Arts and Crafts Movement famously said, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." We hope that when you bring our pieces into your homes, the enjoyment you have in using them will equal the enjoyment we have in designing and creating them for you. Thank you for your interest in our studio. If I can answer any questions about the bindery or any project you may have in mind, it will be my great pleasure.